How to Schedule Message on WhatsApp

If You Want To Send Messages By Schedule Then there are no option like that on the Official WhatsApp Massenger. Only The GBWhatsApp allows You To Schedule Messages.

and Today in this Article You will learn how to use Message Scheduler Feature on GBWhatsApp.

This is a very useful and one of the best feature of WhatsApp mod Apk Called GB WhatsApp. if You want to use this feature then you have to Download and Install the Latest Version  of GBWhatsApp apk and then follow the below stepes.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp

After completing Download Install the apk and create a WhatsApp Account, if you alredy done just open the GBWhatsApp and you will see this.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp (1)

Now Cliclk on The Three Dots shown abhove right corner of the Screen.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp (2)

Now there you will see many options, Click on Messsage Scheduler Option.

Messsage Scheduler

in The next one you will see nothing just a Plus icone, You have to click on that Button.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp (4)

Now Choose Which WhatsApp Group or Chats you wnat to Schadule messeges for.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp (5)

Here I choose Good Nights Group for example. Nowyou have to write your meseges here.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp (6)

And Also choose the date and time of Schadule.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp (7)

After Completing the forms You have to click on Schedule Button.

Enable Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp (8)

That’s it! Done, Now you successfully Schadule a Message for your WhatsApp group chats. you can do the smae for other schadule messages.


GBWhatsApp is a Fully functaniol Mod apk that provide you lots of unique feture like this, We all know that how Message Schaduler help us in Busy time. after all I hope Ican teache you How to Schadule Message on WhatsApp by this Small and Smile Article, if you getting help with it then please do share it with others, so that other people who has the smae problem, will get over from it. Thank you!


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